James Sullivan 55, San Rafael CDMX

Shared/Coworking Spaces from $232 pp pm

This location is owned by independent professionals who began it on their own until they both came across the same idea, the idea of creating "something" that would give a positive turn in Mexican society. The international experience helped these owners to detect the possibility of creating a new partnership with a collaborative culture in a business environment. The strength and unity perceived in Mexican society was the last drop of inspiration we needed to give meaning to the creation of this project. The main objective is to awaken a restlessness in people, while generating awareness that things can be done differently, always seeing beyond the good of today. The philosophy of this location is to win-win, to seek the common good, sustainable and always legal.

About the office location

With all this in mind, the idea arises of a place where all these ideas and values are integrated, creating this Coworking center. This space creates the tools and space where people can build discipline and foster the will to venture into the unknown, in a casual and comfortable work environment that will make them feel inspired and supported to achieve the impossible. This location provides access to many of the area's transportation stations including Metrobus Juarez Linea 3, Buenavista and San Cosme.

This office space on James Sullivan 55, San Rafael CDMX, Mexico City is available immediately. Details and prices are available by calling +44 20 3998 2883 or by submitting the inquiry form.

James Sullivan 55, San Rafael CDMX Office ImagesJames Sullivan 55, San Rafael CDMX Office ImagesJames Sullivan 55, San Rafael CDMX Office ImagesJames Sullivan 55, San Rafael CDMX Office Images

Map of the office space location

Office location

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